Want Freedom In Life? Ditch Your Salary

If you want true financial and life freedom forever, you much ditch your job that pays you salary. My friends, colleagues and family called me CRAZY when I quit from a high paying corporate job that I took many years to build up to go into freedom based job.

I was earning really well. I could pay for a nice house and provided well for my family but I was hardly home and missed a lot of time with my family. There was a lack of work-life balance, and I don’t see myself getting paid according to my worth. And the tipping point was when I wanted to attend to a important personal matter yet I could not take time off from work as there was a meeting that I MUST attend.

When you are working for people, it’s a never ending of meetings, presentations, late nights, lunch or dinner entertaining clients or stakeholders. I got really tired of it as my logic mind kicked in, thus I did a comparison table to aid in the decision.

This is by no means a DEFINITE comparison but of my own opinion.

As you can see, it was not difficult to make a decision base on this comparison table. But the difficulty will always be the resistance, out of comfort zone and fear of failure. So a decision of such should really take into consideration your stage of life and support available.

  • Age
  • Family Support
  • Current Spare Funds Available
  • Willingness To Take Full Responsibility

AGE: If you are still young (below 40yrs old), you should really still take the change at saying NO to salary. Because beyond this age, you should really not think about it anymore. It’s likely you have an established family responsibilities, ongoing bills and money commitments (car, house, insurance, children education, daily necessities etc.).

Family Support: This is extremely important and if you don’t have any, it’s still alright. If you have a family that talks down to you about leaving a stable job, you must be prepared to handle their objections. If you have their support (emotionally, spiritually and monetarily), then it’s a good to go.

Spare Funds: Having a 12 months worth of expenses to get you started in commission based work is very important. It takes adjustment and time to transit and build up a new career for yourself and your family. You might not even see any income in the first few months if you are still trying to get the hang of setting up the career or business.

Full Responsibility: If you are not someone who is willing to take full responsible for something (to achieve your financial freedom forever), you better stick to your salaried job. Commission work requires discipline, perseverance and lots of hard work. Failure is inevitable, and the importance is the standing back up after each failure to make sure that you continue fighting for what you set your mind on.

After you have made the decision to get out of employment, it will then be the next phase of planning of your career. Do you want to go into self-employed or businessman basis in the next journey. There is a significant difference here as well.

Self-Employed people have to spend time working still but you have a lot more control over your earnings and time than employed people. Businessman on the other hand is about setting up systems and building up a strong team that works for you. So building a business is simply a larger scale of self-employment so that eventually, you can even be months away from your business but the business still makes money and operates well.

Photo by Sven Mieke on Unsplash

Planning is the foundation of your successful journey. It is never easy to achieve financial freedom forever. There is no point in trying to reinvent the wheel or try to come out with something extraordinary or different. A lot of times, it’s always better to plan the basic, execute and tweak along the way. Taking actions, massive actions, and constantly improving is the way to go when it comes to building your commission based career and business.

What Options Do You Have?

Insurance . Financial Advisory . Car Sales . Real Estate . Network Marketing . Affiliate Marketing . Consulting . Coaching . ECommerce . Photographer . Videographer . Copywriting . Design Works . Electrician . Carpentry . Plumbling . Remisier . Broker of Any Kind ….

The list goes on… If you are unclear, you can either speak to your local career center or a life/career coach who will guide you in the exploring of your new journey.

Author: Jim Wong is a business and life coach who has gotten out of employment to be self-employed then businessman and now an investor as well. If you need to seek guidance and advise in your life and career planning, book a complimentary 👉15-min Discovery Call👈 with him.